The Shopping Basket Model


A prototype of a shopping basket with the aim to make it easy for consumers to make the right choices – for the sake of the planet and our health. Project together with Linnea Jacobson. Exhibited at Svenskt Tenn as a part of the exhibition Food For Thought (2021). A collaboration between Svenskt Tenn, Beijerinstitutet and Beckmans College of Design.

As a customer and consumer, it can be very difficult to keep track of how and what you should eat and according to whom. It must be easy for consumers to make the right choices in the grocery store for a positive change in eating habits to take place.

The Shopping Basket Model is a shopping basket that is proportionally divided in line with the EAT-Lancet commission’s recommendations for how our eating habits must change for the sake of both the planet and our health. 
It’s a plate model in shopping basket format that clearly and educationally lobbies for how the goals should be achieved. A design that the consumer must consider when making their food purchases, a reminder that is hard to ignore.

In the Shopping Basket Model, for example, the compartment for fruit and vegetables comprises 50% of the basket surface, while red meat has an almost non-existent place.