Food for Thought


Concept and graphic profile for the exhibition Food for Thought – together with Sara Bris, Leonard Ekenberg, Sara Solén and Clémentine Berglund. Presented at Svenskt Tenn, 14-21 of April 2021. A collaboration between Svenskt Tenn, Beijerinstitutet and Beckmans College of Design

The theme of the exhibition was “the food of the future”, where the students from Beckmans College of Design’s task was to interpret the Beijer Institute’s research on food production, consumption and change work, with the hope of motivating better choices for the climate.

The exhibition draws attention to questions about what we will eat in the future, how food should be produced, what behavioral changes are required according to research and how today’s attitudes are connected to tomorrow’s changes.
The name of the exhibition, Food for Thought, is a proverb defined as ”something worth thinking seriously about”. So that the exhibition conveys information that is worth bearing in mind. The proverb is also suitable for the exhibition’s theme in general.

The choice of the color red is because red is considered to increase the appetite and is often found in restaurants and canteens.
It is also the color that quickly catches our attention. 

The graphic elements we use are more or less interconnected circles and ovals, which resemble chains. A solution that graphically symbolizes food chains, production chains, DNA and that everything is connected. These elements reappeared in form of patterns, frames and in the display window.